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Patel Speaks on “Decarb-ing” Buildings

Illinois Green event focuses on planning and understanding energy usage in buildings.

Put simply, net zero describes the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Finding the best path for a company’s journey to a net zero building can often include a confusing array of choices. Saagar Patel and other industry experts offered their insights at a recent May 4 event sponsored by the Illinois Green Alliance.

During “Building Decarb Before and After: How to Plan and Understand Performance,” Patel addressed the planning, implementation, data collection, and data analysis phases of net zero projects. Techniques such as parametric analysis and dynamic life cycle cost analysis were covered to demonstrate in quantifiable terms how facility owners and operators can save money by creating an energy-efficient building.

As building owners and operators are asked to make investments with net zero, they are also asking for proof that the value propositions are realistic and achievable. Patel says data collection and analysis by engineers will play an increasingly important role in answering that question with quantifiable facts.

The Illinois Green Alliance is a chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and has a mission to make net zero buildings feasible, affordable, and so commonplace that every building in the state will have this status by 2050.

As Operations Director for the Energy+Eco team, Saagar Patel extends a key company value to respect everyone to also include the environment. He is a passionate advocate for energy efficiency and sustainability and brings his expertise in those areas to design and construction.

For more information on planning for net zero, contact Saagar at spatel@esdglobal.com.

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