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Patel Presents Net Zero Definition and Targets

To develop a net zero plan for buildings, owners and operators need to understand the terminology and the different approaches that can be taken to achieve carbon neutrality.

ESD Practice Leader for Commissioning and Energy+Eco Saagar Patel will be addressing both factors as he leads the session, “Starting with Zero,” during the Energy Efficiency Summit: Strategies to Achieve Net Zero in Your Buildings, sponsored by FacilitiesNet.

Patel says while there is still no definitive consensus on exactly what “net zero” means, progress is being made in defining goals and standards in the continued effort to fight climate change. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is currently developing a set of consensus-based net-zero guiding principles and benchmarks.

In the meantime, Patel says his presentation will offer baseline industry terminology to help building owners and operators develop net zero strategies. He will also examine various options to consider when approaching carbon-neutral goals.

Registration for the September 20 Energy Efficiency Summit is open to all and is free for fnPrime Members.

As practice leader for Commissioning and Energy+Eco teams, Saagar Patel is an outspoken advocate for energy efficiency and sustainability and shares his expertise with industry professionals to further ESD’s mission to Improve Society Through the Built Environment.

Contact ESD’s experts for more information on how ESD can help with building automation, energy efficiency, and other carbon reduction planning.


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