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Our On-Site Presence Is Your Present

Data center construction is soaring. Top technology and financial companies, along with others, want to get these facilities up and running yesterday. But the question always arises: How can the job get done faster and cheaper while still maintaining the highest level of quality?

The answer to this question comes from ESD Commissioning (Cx).

Our group has long worked on the final segments of the construction schedule, performing commissioning activites and making sure equipment runs through its sequences as designed on site. But one way to save time and money is by engaging the firm earlier.

Why would a commissioning team add value by being involved earlier in the process? Consider a multi-million-dollar cooling system with a complex sequence of operation being installed at a new data center campus. Commonly, the mechanical contractor will visit the factory, witness a series of standard tests and give the OK before cutting the equipment loose to be shipped to the site.

The only thing is, the mechanical contractor isn’t as familiar with the sequence of operation, the requirement for complex controls integration and other project specific intricacies that may be present in this system. With ESD Cx present at the factory witness testing, we may discover discrepancies that can be resolved much quicker and cheaper at the factory — rather than discovering them on site, forcing technicians to fly in to fix them and threatening schedule delays.

Another way ESD Cx helps project schedules and budgets stay on track is by providing consistent on-site presence for large-scale projects. Why would regular presence from ESD Cx personnel help? By doing this, our team is able to be heavily involved in construction and is fully integrated with the contracting teams. Schedules slip and issues always arise to some degree; it’s almost inevitable. By having a member of the ESD Cx team always present, we can react quickly to changes – and sometimes even get ahead in the schedule if equipment is ready early. Lastly, regular presence allows for daily coordination with sub-contractors, testing agencies and testing equipment providers so no element of the process gets missed or forgotten. This ultimately leads to a smoother Cx process when the time comes minimizing the risk of missing an on time project delivery.

To meet clients’ desires of building data centers faster, cheaper and of the highest quality, ESD Cx has come up with creative ways to meet these needs. Commissioning doesn’t need to be a last-minute consideration – get us involved in your design and construction process at your earliest convenience.