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Not All Spaces or Activities Present the Same Risk of Transmission

Should I go back to the office? How risky is it to take my family to a restaurant? The Wells-Riley equation offers easy-to-grasp guidance for occupants, as well as building and business owners who are investing in infrastructure, to assess in-person experiences with greater confidence.

Governmental agencies provide guidance regarding activities and places where people gather to reduce the rate and scale in which the virus spreads and building and business owners and operators and facilities executives have developed strategies to create healthier and safer experiences through maintenance, social distancing and systems upgrades such as HVAC filtration and touchless systems, however, a lot of questions about indoor air quality and health and wellness measures for the built environment still remain.

The Wells-Riley equation has surfaced as a tool that can be used to calculate the probability of infectious transmission. This equation can be used to determine a higher or lower level of probability based on fixed conditions. The equation does not guarantee elimination of transmission – even in the most controlled environment – yet it is a tool building and business owners and operators can use.

Raj Gupta explains the Wiles-Riley probability equation in a recent episode of our Two-Minute Drill podcast.

The ESD Two-Minute Drill | Wells-Riley Equation Calculates Risk:


Our team has developed a Rapid Building Wellness Assessment for our clients. This assessment along with using the Wells-Riley equation can provide you and your team with greater confidence to welcome your tenants and customers as they assess their personal risk to congregate beyond necessities.

For more information about our Rapid Building Wellness Assessment, reach out to Saagar Patel, Energy+Eco Studio Leader.


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