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<h1>New York Commercial Tenants Can Benefit From Unique Energy Program

As organizations become increasingly aware of the bottom-line value of energy efficiency, carbon mitigation and workplace health and comfort, what options exist for commercial tenant spaces to improve in these areas?

ESD is enrolled as a qualified service provider in a unique program created to help eligible tenants in New York answer this question.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Commercial Tenant Program is designed to assist tenants occupying spaces in buildings they do not own. This incentive program offers cost-shares of 50%-100% for planning assistance from a service provider to identify optimal operation of tenant spaces, support tenants and landlords in creating and enacting energy efficiency plans, and measure and verify the performance of measures. Whether the space is being built out or renovated versus already occupied, the program offers support at any time during the tenant’s occupancy. The cost-share lowers the risk finding opportunities within limitations on what tenants can control.

Disconnects between tenants and landlords can make it challenging to manage energy consumption in tenant interior spaces. Tenants often lack control or insight into their utility costs, overtime HVAC rates and equipment performance affecting occupant health and comfort, which can contribute to low productivity and absenteeism. Yet these impacts can significantly affect their workplaces. Are tenants’ hands tied?

NYSERDA’s program helps tenants investigate and implement energy conservation measures with the assistance of a pre-qualified service provider. Examples of some of the services supported by NYSERDA’s commercial tenant program include energy audits and reports, technical support for energy-efficient equipment purchase, preparation of bid documents and RFPs, independent verification of measure completion and performance, energy conservation plan and operations and maintenance (O&M) plan integration, financing and incentives identification and more. The cost-share percentage is determined by the scope of work agreed upon by the tenant and service provider.

As of 2019, the program has enrolled 590 participants achieving a cumulative total of 41,300 MWh of annual energy savings. With NYSERDA’s help, tenants can finally get the insights and assistance they need to better manage their energy performance.

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