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Molina Says Goodbye at the Close of Distinguished Career

Efren Molina retires after 40 years at ESD.

His studies in interior architectural design eventually led Molina to seize a rare opportunity to join ESD due to its reputation as a world-class engineering firm. He first started as a fire protection engineer and steadily advanced to director of strategic initiatives.

President Kurt Karnatz recalls, “When I first met Efren in 1982, I was immediately impressed with his incredible artistic skills. Back then we drew everything by hand and Efren’s drawings were true works of art – literally frame-worthy. His attention to detail, thoroughness, relentless commitment to quality and the pride he took in his work were qualities that most people could only aspire to.”

Over the course of his career, Molina made significant contributions to the execution, management, and leadership of some of the most noteworthy projects in ESD’s history. Along the way, Molina has developed countless relationships with our clients and has been a trusted mentor to dozens of colleagues.

As the director of strategic initiatives, Molina brought together his extensive technical, business development, project management, and client relations skills to position ESD in the best possible way to win work while serving our clients.

Molina’s decades of leadership and vision positions ESD for continued success for years to come.

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