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Miyani Wins UIC Chancellor Award

Winning an award is always a bright spot for a young engineer.

ESD’s Hardik Miyani captured the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Award recently. It honors students who have made an outstanding contribution to the university through service to campus and to the UIC community. Students must have dedicated a significant amount of time, effort and creativity to one or more campus- or community-based service projects.

Hardik was the 2018 president of the UIC ASHRAE Student Branch. As president, he motivated students to join ASHRAE and explained the benefits of becoming a member, including the ability to procure scholarships, network, volunteer and gain knowledge of the latest technologies. Said Dr. William Ryan, Director of the Energy Engineering Program at UIC, “Hardik was the most active president that ASHRAE branch has had in many years.”

Hardik is also active in Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Illinois chapter.

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