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MEP 101: Architects Make the Grade Learning How To Work With Engineers

ESD experts offer architects a continuing education class designed to provide a better understanding of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) as well as fire alarm and fire protection (FA/FP) systems.

The hour-long program is available to interested individuals and organizations and counts toward AIA continuing education credits. ESD New York Office Operations Director Ryann Menges says learning objectives include a description and understanding of various systems, architectural design impacts, architectural coordination, and code design impacts and updates. According to Menges, “A basic understanding of MEP-FP/FA can help architects design more efficiently and avoid potentially costly conflicts between building systems and architectural features.”

For example, access to MEP systems is important for existing base building items and new equipment for the maintenance of systems above the ceiling. ESD Workplace Solutions Practice Leader Julie Lardenoit says, “We can achieve this with an accessible ceiling type or by providing access panels. If there is a lot of existing MEP equipment located above the ceiling – typically at the building shafts – it would be best to keep an accessible ceiling type instead of providing multiple access panels.”

The program also offers an overview of the latest code design impacts and updates. This type of information is especially timely as architects reevaluate the features and needs of tenants returning to the office post-pandemic.

Ryann Menges and Julie Lardenoit are active members of various professional organizations and freely share their knowledge and expertise while also demonstrating their commitment to ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

 Contact the Workplace Solutions group for more information on how to arrange an MEP 101 program for your organization.

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