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Mentors Building a Future

ACE Mentor Chicago virtual fundraising event supports students interested in careers in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering.

ESD continues to be an ardent supporter of the ACE Mentor Chicago Program, giving students real-world exposure to careers in architecture, construction, engineering, and related professions. For several years, ESD has been raising money and hosting interns for the organization. This year, we’ve teamed up with Epstein and Clune Construction.

Andrew Lehrer, an ACE Chicago Executive Board member, says the 2020 pandemic did little to curb the group’s mission and goals. On April 15, the Building Futures fundraising campaign will culminate with a virtual Student Showcase where ACE students will present their creations developed over a semester-long mentorship. Lehrer says corporate sponsors and individual donations for the event are still welcome and will go to support budding young architects, construction managers, and engineers with college tuition and expenses.

The ACE Mentor Program of America (ACE), founded in 1994, is a free, award-winning, afterschool program designed to encourage high school students to pursue careers in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering industry, including skilled trades. The program currently has a presence in more than 200 cities in America and is still growing.

Register for the ACE Student Showcase.

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