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Let?s Work Together to Improve Society

The tragic killing of George Floyd once again brings to the forefront the unacceptable treatment of black Americans in our society. Although the graphic video of Mr. Floyd’s death is shocking, we must not act surprised, given the long list of other black victims.

Also, we must acknowledge the humiliation and systemic racism black Americans face in their daily lives. From Christian Cooper, the law-abiding black man who was harassed in New York’s Central Park, to everyday African Americans who get stopped for “driving while black,” our culture singles out minorities, especially blacks, for extra scrutiny.

The status quo is unacceptable – it’s not good enough to offer just our “condolences” to the victims. We must take proactive action and hold ourselves accountable to achieve results.

We do not profess to have all the answers to solve complex social issues. However, we are determined to look inwardly and outwardly to support efforts that promote diversity and inclusion and eliminate bias.

We will have more to say as we develop thoughtful programs focused on how ESD can contribute to eradicate racism in our society. Meanwhile, we welcome the advice and ideas of our employees, clients, and suppliers. We are committed to working together to improve society.