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Lardenoit Stands with Other Notable Industry Leaders

Crain’s Chicago Business is spotlighting distinguished women in an industry historically dominated by men.

ESD’s Julie Lardenoit is being recognized along with 64 other industry leaders in “Crain’s Chicago Business 2021 Notable Women In Construction and Design.” The article features profiles of women from all aspects of the field, from design to project management. Lardenoit is recognized for her work experience and her contributions to the industry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, her series of articles, videos, and podcasts helped provide information on how building owners, managers, and tenants can stay safe during the global health crisis.

Lardenoit is also an active supporter of women in other fields. As co-founder of Women of Willis, she continues to promote and mentor women in leadership positions within the Willis Tower building.

Reach out to Julie to answer any questions you have regarding workplace solutions.

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