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Jennifer Reininger Discusses Her Journey in the Data Center Industry During an Episode of Andy Davis? Inside Data Centre Podcast

Jennifer Reininger has an excellent perception of the data center industry and great ideas on how the industry can adapt as it rapidly expands.

Andy Davis, host of the Inside Data Centre Podcast, interviews people working in the data center industry around the world. He uncovers how they first entered the industry, how they developed their career and advice they can give others looking to work in the industry.

Last month, Andy interviewed ESD’s Jennifer Reininger in “Jen Reininger – Diversity and Development in the U.S. Data Center Market.“ Reininger first entered the data center industry by accepting a position after college with CyrusOne, a colocation provider, where she spent ten years in operations and five years in site acquisition and project development. Reininger quickly realized she is passionate about site acquisition and project development and decided to move to ESD to assist not only data center owners and operators, but landowners as well.

During the podcast Reininger discusses her journey in the industry, touching on being a female in a male-dominated field and what the industry can do to attract a more diverse workforce, along with the data center market in the U.S. and the challenges organizations looking to expand are facing.

Reach out to Jennifer to learn more about her journey and for advice on site acquisition and project development.

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