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Jalayerian to Present the Best HVAC Systems Design Approach for High-Rise Commercial Office Buildings To Ensure the Health, Safety and Wellness of Occupants

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way buildings are designed and how they operate.

Building tenants are more attuned to their indoor environment and seek higher performing HVAC systems that prioritize indoor air quality (IAQ) and enhance occupant health, safety and wellness. In response, developers and building owners are using IAQ performance and HVAC system flexibility as a differentiator.

Recently, Mehdi Jalayerian, Tyler Jensen and Ken Griffin worked together to develop a solution for a large high-rise office building where the stakeholders were seeking to improve the ventilation effectiveness of the building’s mechanical systems while maintaining an equalized economic performance for the development.

Jalayerian will present the four HVAC system configurations he and his team analyzed and the real-world solution they provided the client in his presentation “Post Pandemic HVAC Systems Design Solutions to Improve Indoor Air Quality of Tall Office Building” during the ASHRAE Virtual Winter Conference Feb. 9-11.

Register for the event and reach out to Mehdi to learn the best design approach for high-rise commercial office buildings to improve indoor air quality.

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