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Jalayerian to Explain How Best to Optimize Energy Performance in Tall Buildings

Tall buildings are large energy consumers, including both embodied energy and operational energy. How can this energy consumption be kept at a minimum – or even reach net zero?

Mehdi Jalayerian will share his insights during the seminar “Optimizing Energy Performance in Tall Buildings: What Can We Do?” at the ASHRAE 2020 Virtual Conference on Wednesday, July 1 at 7 a.m. CT. He will present a variety of methodologies that can be used during design to optimize the energy consumption in tall buildings as the world is being urbanized and the number of tall buildings worldwide is expected to increase. His presentation will be accessible starting Monday, June 22.

Jalayerian is a veteran presenter at ASHRAE conferences. In February, he presented “Design Basis Variations to Counteract Stack Effect in New Tall Buildings.”

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