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Jalayerian to Address CTBUH World Congress on Powering Skyscrapers

At one point in the 20th century, modern skyscrapers were impossible, because power systems on the ground could only efficiently reach 30-40 stories high. Today, transformers rest at numerous points vertically in skyscrapers throughout the world, configured as stacked 30-40 story high-rises to form segmented tall buildings as vertical cities. 

Mehdi Jalayerian will discuss this technological transformation during his presentation “On the Rise: A High-Voltage Upgrade That Powers Skyscrapers Higher” during the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) World Congress in Chicago on Wednesday, Oct. 30. He will describe how ESD founder Hem Gupta came up with a high-voltage distribution scheme that had never been tried at the Chicago Board of Trade, which dramatically increased electrical energy capacity in the building and paved the way for a revolutionary approach to efficiently power future tall buildings.

Jalayerian’s talk – during the 50th anniversary of the CTBUH – is part of the Technical Solutions in the Americas session. His expertise encompasses major high-rise and supertall buildings, convention/hotel facilities and educational/government projects.