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Jalayerian Offers Insights About Jeddah Tower Work During Interview

Every building needs mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. But with a massive project like the Jeddah Tower, slated to be the world’s tallest building, the planning and installation of these systems is a gargantuan undertaking.

“Projects of this type are really integrated and call for a very interdisciplinary type of process with a large team,” said Mehdi Jalayerian, Managing Director of ESD and the principal in charge of the Jeddah Tower’s MEP systems, during an interview with BuiltWorlds.com. “I always describe these mega-tall buildings as vertical cities.”

Jalayerian also discussed how the ESD team oversaw a huge swath of the building’s essential systems and how the sheer height of the tower spurred the team to innovate to deal with that challenge. He will discuss the Jeddah Tower project at the BuiltWorlds Buildings 2.0 Conference in Chicago on Thursday, March 14.