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Is Your Building 5G Ready?

Wireless connectivity is an integral part of today’s workplace. Reliable in-building coverage is as important to the occupant as basic utilities and will become a market necessity over the next couple of years. ESD’s technology group developed an overview of 5G for developers, building owners, facility managers and tenants. Key points include:

  • 5G will require new devices connected to new radio technology.
  • Most existing In-Building Wireless (IBW) systems will not meet 5G requirements.
  • 5G indoor implementation costs will likely be shared between the building owner and tenant.
  • 5G presents monetization opportunities to owners by making buildings more desirable.
  • 5G carrier baseline deployments are starting now in select cities. Commercial rollout anticipated mid-2020. Cellular technology has a 20-year lifecycle from launch to peak penetration and immediate impact of new technologies is typically limited.

ESD can help with IBW and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) planning and implementation management in the following ways:

  • Assess current building infrastructure and evaluate existing systems.
  • Competitively source various solution providers and select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to meet your facility requirements.
  • Evaluate tenant leases and identify property readiness in relation to needs.
  • Ensure new investments in IBW/DAS technologies are not rendered obsolete.

Our knowledge and relationships with industry leaders will continue to help keep our clients stay one step ahead. Is your building 5G Ready? 

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