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International Audience Hears From ESD Expert About Cybersecurity Risks

An ASIS International webinar convened earlier this year focused on the risks associated with the increasingly complex and interconnected systems of modern smart buildings.

ESD Studio Leader for Security Systems Coleman Wolf presented “Understanding Cybersecurity Risks to Facility Infrastructure” during the live online event in late July.

Wolf says while building owners, managers, and tenants are quick to embrace the advantages of building automated systems (BAS) technology, many may be slow to protect themselves from potential vulnerabilities found in those systems. According to Wolf, intelligent buildings have much to offer, as long as potential vulnerabilities to hackers are assessed and addressed.

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While some of the most exciting emerging technologies improve the operational efficiency of modern building control systems, potential cybersecurity risks should not be ignored. Wolf says the best defense is to foster cooperation between information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT) teams to coordinate a defense plan.

A full recording of the event is now available at the ASIS International.

Coleman Wolf shares his knowledge from over 25 years of security management and security engineering experience to promote ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

Contact ESD’s experts for more information on how ESD can help with building automation and cybersecurity.


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