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Innovative Northwestern Memorial Hospital Facility Nabs Top Award

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, a facility whose design team included ESD, recently captured the American College of Healthcare Architects’ 2016 Legacy Project award – the highest honor ACHA can bestow on a project.

The facility completed in 1999 – among the 20 tallest high-rise hospitals in the world, according to Emporis – was cited as an archetype of the new style of healthcare design, featuring an intelligent organization of functions that made it highly adaptable to change.

Among the innovative approaches for the model facility, ESD designed central air handling systems that are flexible and provide safety during biological threats as well as an on-site power plant to permit continued facility operations during utility outages. Overall, the firm provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection services for the Feinberg Inpatient Pavilion and for the Galter Outpatient Pavilion.

Though ESD’s legacy with this award-winning undertaking is impressive, it has collaborated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital on many other projects since the these towers were completed 17 years ago, when the venture was named National Institutional Facility Integration Project of the Year Award by Consulting and Specifying Engineer. This is not unusual; ESD’s clients often work with the firm for decades, citing the firm’s ability to offer in-depth knowledge, expertise, and critical thinking skills to develop solutions that impact people’s health, comfort, and productivity.

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