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HSBC: Corporate Headquarters Development

HSBC has a corporate commitment to green building and sustainable design implementation at their facilities. Sustainable design was a key motivation for the development of their North American Headquarters in Mettawa, Illinois which consists of six floors of office space, a fitness center, full-service cafe, banking services, mission critical data center, and a career development center. As the prime design engineer and sustainability consultant, ESD followed USGBC's LEED design principals. The resulting headquarters design contains:

  • A 30,000 gallon rainwater reuse system
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Energy efficient building envelope
  • Efficient HVAC system
  • Green roof
  • Underfloor air distribution system
  • Carbon dioxide monitoring
  • Daylighting control system
  • Green education kiosks displaying real-time information from the building automation system (BAS)

The results:

  • 45% energy cost reduction
  • 82% reduction in wastewater generation
  • 67% reduction in water usage
  • Estimated annual saving of $512,204 in electrical costs

"The HSBC headquarters is an example of what can be achieved if the owner and tenant are dedicated to the realization of ambitious sustainability goals," commented Raj Gupta, CEO of ESD. "The project illustrates how innovative approaches can be employed to create a truly high-performance building – a facility that uses the latest technologies to achieve significant energy savings and superior occupant comfort."

Services Provided: MEP / FP Engineering, Structured Cabling System, Security System, Audio Visual System, Sustainability & Green Building Consulting, and Building Automation System Design