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How to Design Generator Rooms for Optimum Performance

Electrical power is essential to business continuity and life safety. Even a brief disruption in the electrical power supply can be costly. A well-designed generator room can provide an important line of defense for business owners by ensuring:

  • Generator sets are accessible
  • Manufacturer- and code-required clearances are maintained
  • Major components can be removed and replaced
  • Clean and relatively cool air can circulate around the generator set
  • Ventilation airflow (room inlet airflow) is adequate to reject the heat produced during operation and support the engine combustion process
  • Recirculation and bypass airflow is minimized; noise and vibration within and outside the building complies with code requirements, and ancillary components external to the generator set operate reliably

Dive into the mecahnical design components of an effective generator room in Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s "Design Generator Rooms for Optimum Performance."