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How Secure Is Your Security System?

Network-connected security devices could leave users vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

A recent article, “Breach of 150,000 Surveillance Cameras Sparks Credential Concerns,” in Security Management magazine, a publication of ASIS International, warns about the growing threat from hackers gaining access to data through unconventional paths. Coleman Wolf was interviewed for the piece and says organizations need to closely monitor all devices connected to the internet. These include security cameras, entry access systems, connected display monitors, and more. He told the magazine “people need to perceive IoT (internet of things) devices as computers that can be hacked when put online rather than as mere appliances.”

The breach cited in the article was accomplished using unauthorized credentials. While less sophisticated than other types of intrusions, the incident highlights the lack of awareness about these previously non-traditional areas of vulnerability. The article outlines steps you can take to mitigate potential risks.

For more information on cybersecurity and how you may be at risk, email Coleman at cwolf@esdglobal.com or ESD’s Cybersecurity Practice Leader, Bryan Bennett at bbennett@esdglobal.com.

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