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How Safe is Your Building from Cyber Attacks?

Bryan Bennett answers questions about cybersecurity.

While recent cyber-attacks on information technology (IT) systems are grabbing headlines, operational technology (OT) infrastructures may be even more vulnerable. Cybersecurity Practice Leader, Bryan Bennett, explored this growing threat in a recent webinar, “Cybersecurity: Addressing Operational Technology Threats in Buildings.” Here are some of his answers to some key questions:

Are My OT Systems Vulnerable to Cyber-Attack?

Why should I worry about the hacking of OT systems?

IT systems have been the target of choice for bad guys, but as Bennett explains, the danger may be even greater for OT systems.


How can I protect my IT and OT environments from cyber-attacks?

Safeguards to protect IT and OT systems are very similar. Bennett tells what to look for to thwart potential hackers.


What level of protection should my organization consider?

Your cell phone probably gets more security updates than your operating systems. Bennett outlines why that’s a problem and what you should do about it.


What is a cybersecurity response plan?

Bennett discusses this vital step in determining your organization’s vulnerability.


Cybersecurity vulnerability has been assessed. What now?

Bennett explains what to do after a cybersecurity assessment has been completed.


Is my organization really in danger? Why would a hacker want to target a small business?

Major security breaches and data thefts from big corporations grab the headlines, but it’s the smaller attacks that are growing at a concerning rate. Bennett explains why.


You can also view the entire webcast, “Cybersecurity: Addressing Operational Technology Threats in Buildings” here.

For more information on cybersecurity best practices, contact Bryan.

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