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How ESD Makes Healthier, More Efficient Workplaces

Three projects in three different climates looking for the same zero net energy result asked for by the same confidential Fortune 500 client. Success means all employees are more efficient – and the money generated from that increased efficiency will pay for 100 percent of the building’s energy costs. Challenges included balancing daylight levels for occupants while getting to net zero and meeting demanding WELL standards.

Sound impossible?

ESD accomplished the task. Our team posed many questions: How should a structure be shaped? Would transparent walls work? How about external shading? Once we figured out the answers, we deployed ESD’s unique three step-process – Reduce, Efficiency and Technology – to achieve environmental sustainability and staff well-being, which are core values of our client – a firm striving to become the world’s greenest company.

Making a healthier, more efficient workplace – another way we are Improving Society Through the Built Environment.