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How Can Healthcare Facilities Increase Patient Safety? Dipping Offers Eight Tips

Pandemic and Legionnaire’s Disease prompt examination of fixtures.

The design of healthcare facilities is sure to change in response to the pandemic, as Facility Executive reports. That includes plumbing fixture selection, a critical piece to prevent disease and maintain patient safety.

What can be done now to mitigate issues with the coronavirus and with Legionnaire’s Disease? James Dipping shares his insights in the article “8 Tips for Healthcare Fixtures That Reduce Spreads of Infectious Diseases and Increase Patient Safety” on page 16 of Architectural Products magazine. Among his tips: Eliminate aerators, consider wall-hung toilets vs. floor-mounted toilets and select elements with antimicrobial agents to serve as another firewall to kill bacteria.

Want to know more? If you would like further assistance in better understanding fixture selection, please reach out to James.