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House to Promote ESD, Chicago on Trip to Israel

Driving economic growth and job creation is good for both businesses and cities. Promoting that agenda often involves traveling across the world.

Along with other business leaders, ESD Chief Executive Officer Zac House will accompany Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to Tel Aviv, Israel and Haifa, Israel from Sept. 9-13. The trip is sponsored by Chicago Sister Cities International and is backed by World Business Chicago, where ESD Executive Chairman Raj Gupta is a board member.

Aside from promoting Chicago as a job hub and showcasing the city’s strengths for growth-stage companies entering the North American market, another purpose of the trip is to highlight “Chicago’s leading role in advancing water technology innovation,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“I’m honored to be invited on this trip and am excited to get a broader understanding of water technology along with sharing my knowledge,” House said. “I will also communicate how ESD is a growing company and is willing to serve in any capacity to help economic growth.”