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ESD is adding acoustical design and consulting to our list of engineering services. Proper acoustics are important for all buildings and can affect tenants’ energy levels, wellbeing, and productivity.

ESD recently welcomed Project Manager Scott Hamilton to lead the company’s expansion into acoustical engineering as part of its multidiscipline portfolio of services. Hamilton says well-designed acoustics not only protect occupants from excessive noise but also promote effective communication while ensuring privacy throughout a building.

Hamilton adds, “The application of acoustics to building environments is not always readily seen, but the impact is quickly apparent. My goal is to collaborate with design teams to ensure an integrated acoustic approach brings about the best user experience possible.”

Hamilton brings a wide portfolio of experience to the new service. He has shaped the sound design of concert halls, quieted data centers, renewed Major League Baseball stadiums, and many other functions in between, all serving the built environment. This breadth of project experience will help make ESD uniquely qualified to find creative solutions to acoustical design challenges.

Scott Hamilton applies his extensive knowledge of acoustics in furthering ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

For more information about how we can help with you acoustic challenges or other service, reach out to Energy+Eco team.

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