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Habitat for Humanity Helping Hands

ESD volunteers continue a tradition of support with two teams working to raise money and homes for this year’s Habitat for Humanity Chicago Women Build event.

ESD’s two teams of ten women each, “Extra Super Dames” and “Empowered Smart Doers,” are looking to raise $16,000 toward the overall goal of $475,000. ESD teams will be led by ESD Workplace Solutions Practice Leader Julie Lardenoit and Senior Project Manager Sheila Ruder.

The benefits of affordable homeownership can be life-changing reaching far beyond providing shelter. Owning a home can improve school performance, decrease crime, create financial stability, enhance the health and well-being of children and adults, and much more.

Over 550 Chicago women are expected to participate during the October event organizers call a chance to “come together to celebrate our strengths, have a blast, and help build stronger futures for women through safe and affordable homeownership.”

Active community involvement and support is just one of the ways ESD lives its mission to improve society through the built environment. To learn more about ESD and its culture, visit our website.

To learn more about the event or to show your support for the ESD teams, visit Team ESD 1 and Team ESD 2.

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