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Growth Prompts ESD to Move to New Office Space in San Francisco

Confirming its commitment to the San Francisco market, ESD will officially open the doors to a new, larger office in the Financial District on Monday, November 21.

“We’re excited to grow even more in the Bay Area,” says Aliza Skolnik, director of the San Francisco office. “We have the functionality we need in this office to serve our clients.”

Ready to be housed at 90 New Montgomery Street on the 14th floor, the office will feature a conference room with technology for videoconferencing, a collaboration area where workers can examine designs and a small café. The space can be reconfigured if ESD’s employee growth exceeds expectations.

Open since 2013, ESD’s San Francisco office has attracted clients from technology, financial and other firms in the area.

For more information or to visit the new digs at 90 New Montgomery, please contact Aliza at askolnik@esdglobal.com.