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Green Buildings: Making the Commute Worthwhile

ESD Practice Leader for Commissioning and Energy+Eco Saagar Patel is presenting at the Greenbuild International Conference + Expo, an event specifically designed to keep participants at the forefront of sustainability efforts in the building industry.

Patel’s session, “Low Carbon and High Wellness: 2022’s Office Demands,” focuses on the evolving call for high-efficiency, low-carbon buildings as employees return to traditional office spaces. Many tenants are also calling for a greater focus on wellness and inclusivity. In addition to Patel’s perspective as an engineer, the panel discussion will include insights from a contractor and a client representative.

Patel says the new demands by building occupants are being characterized as the “Great Rejection” of business as usual. He says investors are feeling the pressure to make office buildings “commute worthy” by improving sustainability and environmental wellness for the spaces.

Learning objectives for the panel discussion include:

  • Learning how green leasing strategies are driving lease rates up and pushing further growth in the market.
  • Identifying avenues for a symbiotic relationship between tenant and landlord as they respond to the changing priorities of workers.
  • Learning how best practices in real estate can align and contribute to corporate sustainability and wellness goals.
  • Understanding how spaces with healthy and high-performing features contribute to the financial and non-financial ROI of ESG programs.

Registration for the event taking place in San Francisco November 1 – 3 is still open. If you are planning to attend, please reach out to Saagar and/or ESD Sustainability Specialist Jeremy Poling.

As practice leader for Commissioning and Energy+Eco teams, Saagar Patel is an outspoken advocate for energy efficiency and sustainability and shares his expertise with industry professionals to further ESD’s mission to Improve Society Through the Built Environment.

Contact ESD’s experts for more information on how ESD can help with energy efficiency and other carbon reduction planning.

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