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Greece is the Word for Vallort

After traveling around India giving presentations earlier this spring, Jim Vallort paused briefly before heading to Greece and Cyprus in his role as a Distinguished Lecturer for ASHRAE.

He presented “Primary Heating/Cooling Plant Strategies & How to Maximise the Energy & Financial Savings” and “Intelligent Buildings – Technology is changing what is possible in the built environment” to about 200 attendees at each event.

Beyond his presentations, he visited with the deputy chief of the naval forces for NATO and the chief of the Athens naval base about potential clean-room design projects and facilities assessment and modernization. He also met with the Siemens automation design team leader for Greece regarding its advances in intelligent automation systems, which are anticipated to be released in the United States in 2018. 

Aside from all of these meetings about future possibilities, he visited a Stone Age village built circa 7,000 BC.

Vallort has delivered a number of presentations abroad, including in Brazil and Thailand last year. He is one of 70 or so speakers that ASHRAE sends around the world to share their knowledge.