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Getting Certified: A Job WELL Done

Considering humans spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, a protocol to focus on human wellness and health within the built environment was overdue. Enter the WELL Building Standard, the first to marry best practices in design and construction with evidence-based medical and scientific research.

Aliza Skolnik is in the forefront of the growing movement. She just earned her WELL Accredited Professional (AP) Credential, becoming one of the first to procure the qualification offered through the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). The WELL AP signifies advanced knowledge in human health and wellness in the built environment and specialization in the WELL Building Standard. Aliza can now use her expertise to work on WELL projects and help guide clients to best WELL practices. Earlier, she had been among the first class to earn a provisional WELL Accredited Professional Credential.

ESD is providing engineering solutions on projects attempting WELL certification, such as complex features to air quality and distribution, water quality, thermal comfort, and monitoring and displaying of information. There is also opportunity to not only deploy these techniques on a single project basis but also to assist in developing guidelines or portfolio-wide initiatives.