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Get to know John Pacholski, Plumbing Engineer

A recent magazine feature published by the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) profiles one of ESD’s own to get a glimpse of his non-work interests.

When he’s not managing project builds of complex industrial water purification technologies, ESD’s John Pacholski may be found hitting the links, playing guitar, or planning a tropical getaway. Those are just a few of his interests touched on in a recent feature of “Get to Know…” in ASPE Pipline magazine. In the office, John is better known for his expertise in multiple engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, chemical, and process controls, but ASPE was able to delve into his private side.

In or out of the office, John Pacholski exemplifies our company values of respecting everyone, working hard, and playing to win.

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