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Fahim, Doyle Explain Importance of Touchless Options in Workplace for CoreNet Global

With concerns about the safety of returning to the workplace at the top of mind of employees and employers, the need to create healthier spaces by minimizing (or even eliminating when possible) communal surface touchpoints continues to gain further interest.

Mo Fahim and John Doyle highlight touchless options for the workplace in the guest blog “Can’t Touch This: AV Innovations for a Post-Pandemic World” for CoreNet Global. They explain the benefits of QR Code, RFID Scanning, Digital Workplace Platform and other technological solutions that support occupant health and wellbeing.

At ESD, we continue to help our clients define their use cases, navigate what’s possible to achieve their objectives, evaluate solutions and select what’s practical for their immediate and long-term needs. If you would like further assistance in better understanding touchless AV solutions and in evaluating your options, reach out to Mo Fahim or John Doyle.

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