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ESD?s Work Is Solid Guarantee for Warranty Group

In its previous space, The Warranty Group – which is part of Assurant – faced growing pains. The client’s goals for the new space at 175 W. Jackson Blvd. in Chicago included adding office space for its growing Chicago presence, to complete an executive restroom near the boardroom, to maintain a separate space for a sub-tenant – and to achieve all of this within a tight 12-week construction schedule.

ESD implemented an effective strategy to ensure The Warranty Group’s objectives were accomplished. We coordinated plumbing routes with the building and the contractor to meet design needs. When we were faced with finding a location to transmit battery exhaust from the server room, we not only came up with one but discovered a less expensive route.  We enhanced productivity by hosting construction team meetings which were held prior to the project team meetings to streamline information for the client

The result? Our coordinated team effort met the aggressive construction schedule. The project was delivered on time and within budget. Thanks to our solutions, the building itself is much more marketable than it had been previously.