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ESD?s Technology Reintegration Guide Offers Recommendations for Office Reentry

We have been living through unprecedented times, and we know you have a lot of questions concerning your return to the workplace. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic caused many companies and their IT Departments to rapidly deploy remote work functionality and capabilities for their employees. The reality is that most of us were forced to make spot decisions to maintain business continuity under a lockdown work-from-home environment. These spot decisions to allow computing equipment to be removed from the corporate network and placed on employees’ home networks creates the likelihood of cybersecurity vulnerabilities when reconnecting devices upon re-entry into the office. Viruses, malware and other cybersecurity threats cost companies money and create the potential for a lack of trust with their clients.

ESD’s Workplace Technology Reintegration Guide provides recommendations for returning technology back into the physical workplace. 

ESD’s Technology Business Unit can help you navigate your technology decisions. Please reach out to Jeff Drenovsky, Technology Operations Director or Mo Fahim, Intelligent Building Technologies Practice Leader.

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