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ESD?s Persistence Resolves Problem with Valves

ESD always addresses issues so that everyone succeeds.

Case in point: During construction at 77 W. Wacker Drive, ESD/DW Hammer noticed control valves – more than two dozen at $7,000 each – were not functioning properly while performing system check-ups. This posed a great danger for building engineers due to the mix of water and electricity – as well as increased risk for building owners/operators.

ESD reached out to the valve manufacturer to share our experience. Our team was persistent and noted it would drop the firm from future specifications if not addressed. The manufacturer reviewed the valve design and performance and found the design to be flawed. It then issued two letters: One to ESD/DW Hammer indicating it would replace all of the valves at 77 W. Wacker Drive free, and a second letter sent industry-wide as a recall to mitigate the risk of damage and possibly serious injury.

Our work often has industry-wide impact. ESD’s dedication to partnerships with clients, contractors and manufacturers has continued to result in Improving Society Through the Built Environment.