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ESD’s Abstract Writing Day Adds Value to Engineers’ Careers

Engineers are skilled at thinking logically, designing technical solutions and focusing intently on their field. Thanks to them, many of the benefits we enjoy in the 21st century – comfortable office buildings and high-speed smartphones, to name a few – are common around the world.

To let the industry know how we are serving clients and Improving Society Through the Built Environment, ESD holds an annual Abstract Writing Day. It is an opportunity for engineers and others to share their good works with publications, which helps spread the word about our innovative solutions. Further, getting published is an excellent way for our team members to add value to their careers by establishing name recognition, connecting with clients and promoting their expertise throughout their industry.

How does Abstract Writing Day work? We ask our team members a lot of questions. We make sure they know how to start with a compelling story – ideally a real-world example – and then move into a concise explanation of their points. Engineers are often so busy that they finish a project, move onto the next one and don’t even think about the amazing work they just completed.

Our people have incredible knowledge – we love being able to share it with the world. Abstract Writing Day is a great way to start the process.

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