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ESD started as a tiny firm on Wacker Drive in Chicago more than 50 years ago. It recently returned to Wacker Drive – in a big way.

On April 16, ESD moved its company headquarters into the iconic Willis Tower. The cutting-edge capabilities in the new space on the 53rd and 54th floors – which was developed as a living lab – include:

  • Lighting – An Enlighted LED solution that includes Bluetooth beacon technology for use with applications such as space utilization along with ambient light and occupancy sensors for efficient energy usage.
  • Sound Containment – A sound-masking system in the open-office environment is integrated with the fire-alarm system for emergency enunciation.
  • Furniture — Sensors on all connected work surfaces capture space-utilization data. Motorized height-adjustable desks respond to personal preferences with one tap of the desk control.

Our Mission is to Improve Society Through the Built Environment.

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