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ESD Tour Showcases Working Office Experiment

Attendees of the recent American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference on Architecture had a chance to view office technology in action at ESD’s Chicago headquarters.

ESD Executive Chairman Raj Gupta led the tour of ESD’s Living Lab located in Chicago’s iconic Willis Tower. When the company relocated to the 47,000-sf space in 2018, the idea was to create an environment to attract and retain new talent while also showcasing the latest technology and trends in workspaces.

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The Living Lab allows ESD to try out in real-time many of the current and newly available office technologies from partnering vendors and clients. When consulting with a client on a build-out, Gupta points to three categories of concern: cost, environmental effect, and experiential impact. While all are important, ESD tries to focus on the experiential as the factor that truly defines how the client will ultimately use the space.

Raj Gupta helps lead the company founded by his father, Hem Gupta, in 1967 and its mission to improve society through the built environment.

Reach out to ESD’s Technology team to learn how we can help you meet your building needs.

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