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ESD to Work on Supertall Building in Colombia

ESD has been heavily involved with supertall buildings across the globe.

Now, the company has been tapped to be part of the Forza Tower project in Bogota, Colombia. The approximately 116-story tower will include Class A office space, a 5-star luxury hotel, managed apartments and world-class commercial retail space, along with a public amenity plaza. The architecture firm Odell has been selected to design the skyscraper.

“I am excited we can be part of this incredible project,” said Mehdi Jalayerian, executive vice president and chief of innovation for ESD. “We are thrilled to work with the Odell team on this state-of-the-art building and proud to bring our extensive experience in the supertall-building category to Columbia.”

ESD’s supertall experience includes work on Jeddah Tower, the next tallest building in the world.