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ESD Team Leads with WiredScore and SmartScore Accreditations

WiredScore, the global digital connectivity certification system, recently launched its Accredited Professional (AP) program in the United States. ESD, a program launch partner, is now one of the first firms in the country with trained professionals to help developers and building owners and operators navigate the certification process.

Four ESD professionals took part in the early access program to earn an Accredited Professional (AP) designation. ESD Practice Leader for Intelligent Building Technologies Mo Fahim, Senior Audio Visual Consultant John Doyle, Senior Information & Communications Technology Consultant Todd Grimes, and Cybersecurity Studio Leader Coleman Wolf are among the first in the nation trained to help building owners and operators seeking WiredScore and SmartScore certifications.

Fahim says both certifications are designed to help create best-in-class buildings that attract and retain tenants, meet high standards of sustainability, and are future-proof. WiredScore certification applies to the building infrastructure, while SmartScore certification champions cutting-edge technology in real estate, primarily focusing on how to deliver exceptional experiences and outstanding outcomes to smart building users.

According to Fahim, “Certifications also include the analysis of a facility’s resilience and mitigation strategies as well as its ability to adapt to future technologies. Our training makes us uniquely positioned to help clients assess, benchmark, plan, improve, and promote the digital posture and connectivity features of their facilities.”

ESD was an early proponent of WiredScore’s certification programs, designing the first Platinum-level WiredScore certified building in Chicago. Other certification levels include Certified, Silver, and Gold. WiredScore was founded in New York City in 2013 with a vision to make the world’s buildings smarter and better connected, enabling a more collaborative, innovative, and dynamic future.

Mo Fahim, John Doyle, Todd Grimes, and Coleman Wolf each strive to grow professionally to bring more experience and value to clients and to continue to pursue ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

To learn more about certifying or improving your building’s digital infrastructure, reach out to ESD’s Technology team.


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