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ESD Stays Focused on Encouraging Mentoring

Mentoring is an important concept at ESD, as it is a key to building our future. Employees are always able to sign up to serve as a mentor or to ask for a mentor.

To that end, we have championed the ACE Chicago Mentor Program for several years. We had an intern from the program last summer in High Performance Buildings, and both High Performance Buildings and Workplace Solutions will have interns from ACE this summer.

On Friday, March 1, the ACE Chicago Mentor Program will hold its annual luncheon, celebrating 19 years of mentoring and support of Chicago high school students who have an interest in architecture, construction and engineering. ESD, who hosts a team with Epstein and Lend Lease with Maggie McNamara and Greg Ewing as team leads, is proud to support the event. Tyler Jensen, Stephanie Hoeman, Joe Lloyd, Tom Houle and Justin Ward are also on our team. Andrew Lehrer is an ACE Chicago Executive Board member. About 700 people will be at the event, and the goal is to raise $300,000 for college scholarships to students in the ACE program.