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ESD Project Wins International Recognition

110 North Wacker building is being recognized as one of the top 10 international buildings out of more than 300 reviewed by an international jury of architectural experts.

Also known as the Bank of America Tower, the Chicago structure developed by The Howard Hughes Corporation and Riverside Investment & Development, received the Emporis Skyscraper Award for 2020. ESD worked closely with the architect, Goettsch Partners, on energy modeling and high-level energy studies to meet client requirements as well as energy codes and LEED energy performance standards.

The ESD team also emphasized the latest technology trends, including recommending a mobile credential-based, frictionless access control system, to increase building security. According to High Performance Buildings Studio Leader Tyler Jensen, “ESD offered a unique high rise engineering approach in its work on the new 56-story core-and-shell office building. Our MEP/FP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection) and technology systems design strategy improved the building’s marketability and increased its value.”

Buildings competing for the prestigious award are judged based on excellence in aesthetic and functional design. For more than 20 years, the award has been presented by Emporis, the international provider of building data based in Germany.

Tyler Jensen taps his broad experience as a mechanical engineer and project manager across a variety of markets to help fulfill ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

Reach out to Tyler to tap his experience as a mechanical engineer and project manager for high rise buildings.

Our Mission is to Improve Society Through the Built Environment.

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