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ESD Project Gets Top-Notch Publicity in Business Insider

When Atlassian decided to implement an open office at its new San Francisco space, ESD was there to help the $19 billion software firm make the best decisions.

Atlassian’s requirement for 100% mobile workstations (every desk, in fact, is on wheels) required a thorough evaluation of flexible power solutions and the associated architectural impacts. ESD reviewed multiple underfloor and overhead options, outlining the benefits and downsides of each to the architectural, contracting, and client teams. In conjunction with the contractor’s pricing efforts the team ultimately decided on a flexible drop-down power reel neatly integrated into the architectural ceiling design while still maintaining the required access.

The Atlassian space – which encompasses 110,000 square feet across six floors and replaces its previous warehouse space – is so impressive that it was featured by Business Insider. The flexible power solutions are highlighted: “The power cables dangle from the ceilings, such that you’re never far from a place to easily plug in, wherever you end up,” Business Insider notes. Overall, ESD provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection consulting engineering services for the new office space – truly a power of good.

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