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ESD Offers Security Solutions at TribalNet

ESD cybersecurity team members will be on hand at the annual conference and tradeshow to offer advice on protecting tribal healthcare and hospitality industry systems.

ESD Cybersecurity Practice Leader Bryan Bennett says he hopes to share security solutions, best practices, and the latest technology with interested parties at this year’s TribalNet Conference and Tradeshow. According to Bennett, “ESD has a lot to offer to the Native American gaming and healthcare industries to help protect them from hackers and other cyber threats.” Visitors to the ESD booth will be offered a free security check-up and vulnerability screening for their organization’s systems.

TribalNet was formed in 1999 as a way to bring tribes, tribal employees, and resources together in a platform to connect and seek opportunities among tribal government, gaming, and healthcare industries.

The annual event is described by organizers as an industry resource for technology professionals in the Native American industry as well as a connection between tribal information technology (IT) leaders, executives, decision-makers, and vendors providing products/services to this unique market. This year’s conference and tradeshow will be held in Reno, Nevada September 12 – 15.

Bryan Bennett has been evangelizing for better IT security strategies for over a quarter-century. His mission to protect organizations from the financial, reputational, and individual costs associated with cybercrimes fits well with ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

Contact ESD’s experts for more information on how ESD can help with building automation and cybersecurity.

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