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ESD Moves Help Attract, Retain Talent

Engineering executives have been worrying about a shortage of talent, both in terms of engineers graduating from college and those in senior positions. At the same time, that makes retaining employees as important as ever. How are companies responding?

“We’ve implemented ideas to help attract talent and to retain talent,” said Zac House, speaking on a panel at the Chicago Building Congress Economic Summit 2016 entitled “Engineers Take the Lead” recently.

House explained how younger employees benefit from the new policy that gives mothers and fathers paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child. He also noted how ESD is developing a policy to give tenured employees paid time off to care for elderly parents.

In addition, an employee-run group called ESDi was launched last year. Aside from encouraging innovation, employees evaluate all policies in the firm and makes suggestions.

Concluded House, “The lack of engineers is making everyone start thinking outside the box.”