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ESD Launches Intelligent Building Platform at IBCon

During the Realcomm/IBCon Conference in San Diego, which featured more than 1,700 participants from around the globe, the ESD Intelligent Building Practice launched the Intelligent Building Platform (IBP) application.

Kurt Karnatz, Dave Clute, Nick Lawrence, Chris Wilson and Rick Szcodronski showcased and demonstrated the IBP application being developed for major commercial property developers.  The mobile and web application provides visitors, tenants, building managers, facility managers and operators with a powerful new tool to improve the experiential aspects of the built environment. Attendees were extremely impressed by the many features of the IBP application and wanted to find out more.

In addition, Clute participated in the Realcomm/IBCon Conference LIVE event on the exhibit floor during the conference and moderated the Space Utilization Panel with participants from Siemens, JLL, Philips and Commscope.