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ESD Helps United Passengers Get Comfortable

Think how airline passenger needs have changed over the years. The traveler of the 1980s cared not about WiFi connections; the desire for healthy food was hardly known in the 1990s.

Realizing this, United Airlines recently spearheaded a 21st-century renovation at its club at O’Hare Airport. Now, according to the Chicago Tribune,Windows look out onto the airport, giving the lounge less of a cave-like feel. A full kitchen lets United swap the old cheese plates and trail mix for prepared dishes like fresh hummus and Mediterranean salads.”

ESD was called in to help upgrade the aging club. The company provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering consulting services. One benefit: Power receptacles are now available at every seat, so customers don’t need to battle over a handful of outlets.

ESD overcame challenges to provide what the client wanted.

“It took a lot of careful BIM coordinating to figure out how to route the piping and duct work into the ceiling they desired,” George Condes says. “We put together unique shading solutions for the skylights to make sure there’s not too much direct light to make people uncomfortable.”

ESD is also working on United Club upgrades in Newark, Houston, San Francisco and Honolulu airports, along with being involved with United’s new Polaris Clubs for high-end travelers in various airports.