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ESD Duo Describes Decarbonization Drawdown Strategy

A recent article in Building Design + Construction magazine reviews the growing trend toward building electrification in commercial properties as a strategy toward decarbonization in the fight against climate change.

Representing ESD’s High Performance Buildings group, Practice Leader Andrew Lehrer and Studio Leader Tyler Jensen co-authored “Implementing an ‘asset drawdown strategy’ for site decarbonization.” The article examines some of the catalysts spurring building owners and operators toward building electrification, including anticipated new reporting requirements from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as existing incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

Lehrer and Jensen are quick to point out that even if 100 percent decarbonization is not immediately economically feasible, incremental steps can still have a major impact. They suggest a “bridge solution” as a viable option.

According to the article, this approach employs a strategy where “heat pumps are selected and operated for a significant majority of operating hours while gas-fired or electric resistance heating is activated during peak heating periods.”

Lehrer and Jensen say employing an effective asset drawdown strategy coupled with a bridge solution approach will not only result in significant operational carbon reductions, this approach can also lead to more value and marketability for existing structures.

Andrew Lehrer and Tyler Jensen freely share their industry experience and ideas regarding high performance buildings and building electrification as part of fulfilling ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

For more information on how our engineers can help with your project, reach out to ESD’s High Performance Buildings Engineering team.

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